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Kyriacos Th. Michaelides & Co 66 Ippokratous Street   
P.O. Box 21548   
1510 Nicosia   
Tel. 00357 22763751 & 00357 22452400   
Fax. 00357 22761878   

corporate & commercial

corporate & commercial
banking, finance & derivatives
litigation & arbitration
intellectual property & product liability
technology & telecommunications
real estate & construction
employment, immigration & personal injuries
company registration & The Cyprus Holding Company
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This department, which has extensive experience in complex transactions, can rightfully claim to be one of the leading corporate and commercial departments in Cyprus. The department advises both local and foreign clients (including several multinational corporations) in commercial matters both in Cyprus and overseas. The department works closely with clients and aims to understand their legal and commercial concerns as well as to provide solution-orientated practical and robust commercial advice.

Some of the services provided include the following:


  • onshore and management of all types of legal entities (including those on which the Banking, Finance & Derivatives Department advises)
  • public and private offerings of securities
  • listing of companies on the Cyprus and Athens Stock Exchange
  • venture capital, project finance and joint ventures
  • management buy ins and buy outs


  • all types of contracts and commercial agreements
  • agency, distributorship, franchise, licensing (IT as well as others) and supply agreements
  • insolvency

Examples of specific industry expertise:

  • public tenders especially for utility projects
  • e-commerce, e-trading and internet service/access providers
  • tourism (including all legal and regulatory aspects for the establishment and operation of tour operators and hotels)
  • food and beverages (including the manufacture, franchise, packaging, bottling, sale and distribution)
  • marketing and advertising
  • insurance and reinsurance (including all legal and regulatory matters relating to the incorporation and operation of insurance companies)
  • registration and marketing of aircrafts and all aviation affairs
  • pharmaceuticals (wholesale, retail and all regulatory aspects)