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banking, finance & derivatives
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This department aims to keep up with the fast moving world of global capital markets, having close contacts with banks and financial services organisations worldwide with an emphasis on the London and Athens financial markets. This department has traditionally been involved in a broad range of increasingly complex banking transactions, frequently involving cross border deals between entities based in various jurisdictions. The firm acts on behalf of both lenders and borrowers. It has acquired substantial expertise in the financial services and derivatives sector, with certain members of the team having worked in the capital markets, treasury and derivatives departments of major financial institutions and law firms in the City of London.

Some of the major areas in which the firm is involved include the following:


  • loan and security documentation, including syndicated loans
  • debt instruments, such as bonds including collateralised bonds
  • project and corporate finance
  • asset financing and leasing
  • acquisition and development finance
  • guarantees and indemnities
  • documentary credits, including letters of credit and other negotiable instruments

Derivatives and Financial Services:

  • advice, structuring, formation and flotation of investment services companies, collective investment companies, including funds and open-ended investment companies and international trustee services companies
  • extensive expertise with derivatives documentation, regulation and litigation both relating to exchange-traded and over-the-counter derivatives, including documentation for the development of new products especially equity and credit derivatives, based mainly on the ISDA terms.
  • structured products, including the embedding of derivatives into debt instruments
  • all regulatory and compliance issues relating to the Cyprus Stock Exchange and other financial/investment services
  • broker-dealer documentation and regulation, related to the Cyprus Stock Exchange
  • stocklending documentation
  • custody of securities documenation and regulation
  • all other types of financial services documentation
  • due diligence legal opinions on banking, derivatives and financial services documentation